Searching for SWB trim – Tulley’s Farm

I knew a very original car was to be campaigning the ‘Cold Turkey’ at Tulley’s Farm in late December 2018 so went over to observe exactly what goes on at an Austin Seven trial.

A rather fabulous motorsport event organised by the 750MC Tunbridge Wells Centre in a lovely bit of Wealden woodland, with some savage and greasy inclines and descents peppered with the odd large tree stump. Watching was an instructive experience for future involvement, but also a happy one seeing what appeared to be much family interest in many of the car duos (driver and supporting bouncer); couples, siblings; fathers or mothers with offspring… and one clan evident with three generations competing. Well worth attending, thankyou. Posting snaps here in case anyone wishes to download.

More about trim in future, but suffice to say, some important evidence to the factory naming of cotton interior trimming emerged in the paddock. And interesting to consider that a tatty car reserved for muddy motorsport can potentially preserve fragile and rare vestiges of originality when more cossetted cars subject to the most rigorous of restorations may lose them entirely.

If you know of SWB saloons with very original interiors, please get it touch.

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