RF3 rejuvenation update

Ken Kimber reports: Progress on the wreck (as my wife calls it) purchased at auction has been interrupted by COVID and personal health issues however the recent postings and excellent photographs by Steve Berg have prompted this posting. The Berg … Continue reading RF3 rejuvenation update

An Original 1929 RK from Portugal

A developing post on another important car. It should be noted that Steve Berg has not only well documented his new acquisition, but took editorial rights on the site to make this post which will act as an excellent archive for all. Perhaps others would like to do the same to record aspects of their cars? Do make contact! This car, like the Julian Parker-conserved Spanish Fabric Saloon and ex Will Maw HMX interior cloth-trimmed Fabric Saloon all have a vast amount of restorer detail, but most importantly have the potential for remaining much as they are; a sensitive, difficult … Continue reading An Original 1929 RK from Portugal

changing gear shift position

Chris Gould reports: There are two types of ball change gear box covers. Most have the reverse position forward to the right. Some have it forward to the left. I have one of these for my TT replica. I thought that they immediately followed the gate change boxes. Andy Bird is rebuilding the box for me. He thinks that the first ball change boxes were forward to the right and followed for a short period by ones on the left. Then they reverted to forward to the right. I think the TT cars had ball change boxes, but I don’t … Continue reading changing gear shift position

An original 1929 RF (3) Fabric saloon in USA

This maroon car has clearly had a cossetted life in UK and the USA. It shows how this Rexine fabric fades to brown – although the colour is clearly evident behind the spare wheel and in the door apertures.It has a remarkably good original interior in Tapestry trim: The car, chassis 76246, Engine M76606, car number A7-8711, body number 4960 was purchased from Harrah’s in Reno, Nevada in 1985; who purchased the car in 1965 from Alan John McKay in London, England. UH 5966 was originally registered in Cardiff in Spring 1929, which ties nicely with the dealer dash decal. … Continue reading An original 1929 RF (3) Fabric saloon in USA

RF (3) pillar structure

Ken Kimber reports on his late RF: The offside pillar was totally rotten and removed for replacement. This revealed (below) that it was supported throughout its length by the metal angle iron but also that at the top it simply butted against the horizontal roof timbers with no joint visible. The nearside is identical to the offside so I am sure it is as it left the factory: Images below are of the underside of the scuttle and show that on the nearside the timber support for the bottom edge of the aluminium sheet is missing – there is no sign … Continue reading RF (3) pillar structure

Tickford saloons

An article by Michael Ward, then Secretary of the Austin Seven Tickford Register in the 1980C12 Association Grey magazine. In 1980 there were 7 Tickford saloons known to exist; how many now? Nice rare 1931 SWB saloon currently for sale here. And here a later RN one in LWB featured here and here: Can anyone find a link to the Grey mag article on the employee photographed operating the winding mechanism of an Austin 7 Tickford when new? Continue reading Tickford saloons

Austin 7 Low Compression heads

Chronology – all but 1A 38 tend to be dated XL 506 (first 100 cars) XL 845 (1923) with priming plugs – perhaps a short run prototype for…  XL 1253 (1924-6) with priming plugs; (above on a May 24 Scoop Scuttle car), which became 1A 38 with priming plugs up until at least 1929 (some marked OY or possibly CY 2) 1A 38 The primer holes were deleted, but other than the parts listings deleting the plugs there wasn’t a change in the part number or casting number shown on the cards for this later style of ‘low compression‘ head up to 1933. … Continue reading Austin 7 Low Compression heads

Windscreen frame sizes

The one piece windscreen changes between models. This shows the measurements from a 1930 RK, which seems to directly mirror what is found on a 1929 RF (3) model with similar separate roof peak, although there is variation from 16.5 to 16.75″ at the outer edge. The tapering under-section is also the same, although some cars seem to have a regular 1 3/4″ throughout. Theses are the dimensions (in white boxes) of an earlier RF (2) with integral windscreen peak and the under-section is seen to not be tapering; please make contact if you have different. One 1930 AE Tourer … Continue reading Windscreen frame sizes

An original 1929 Holden Fabric Saloon

In 1929, for his 21st Birthday Colin Silcock from Coldstream in country Victoria, Australia was given a maroon fabric bodied Austin 7 Saloon registered number 63422, fitted with a fabric body made by Holden Motor Body Works in Adelaide, South Australia.  The vehicle was purchased from AUSTIN DISTRIBUTORS PTY LTD of 460 Bourke Street Melbourne, Car Number A8 6175, Coil Engine number M 83747, with no stamped Chassis number and fitted with a maroon fabric body with black guards and wheels. A later investigation of The Austin Motor Company surviving factory record books held at The British Motor Museum, Gaydon … Continue reading An original 1929 Holden Fabric Saloon

Austin uncoupled brakes

Trying to get a definitive guide written in one place is hard as ideas put forward may not have universal support despite a general consideration of originality being important. Those with engineering expertise will be able to recreate (or easily refit) original components whereas those with a more general interest in keeping their car running may seek to improve the operation of worn items – which may be of a more short-term benefit.

Some modifications may be out of period and considered unnecessary by some. If you have pictures of a modification which has been simply executed and of quality for others to aspire to, please send them to update this post.

Above all, please email (or comment below) if you would like to improve the text here. Continue reading “Austin uncoupled brakes”

A fabric RF for auction

A nice original 1929 RF- an RF(3) variant for identification purposes – originally from Somerset (formerly YC4791) going to auction in July 2018; let us know if you are the new owner! The chassis number appears to be A8 series which would be recorded in the few remaining Austin ledgers. The “Heritage” records known to survive are for just four sequences of cars: March-June 1929; A8 series -Ch. 77535 – 87433 June-Dec 1929; A9 series – Ch. 87434 – 97332 April-Oct 1930; B1 series – Ch. 107228 – 117126 Jan-June 1931; B3 series – Ch. 127026 – 136924   Continue reading A fabric RF for auction


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