The rejuvenation of a 1930 RF (3)

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Harold Murfitt (centre), a confectioner from Ramsay, Huntingdonshire, was probably the owner from new and the car was kept in his family until 1957. Continue reading “The rejuvenation of a 1930 RF (3)”


A fabric RF for auction

A nice original 1929 RF- an RF(3) variant for identification purposes – originally from Somerset (formerly YC4791) going to auction in July 2018; let us know if you are the new owner! The chassis number appears to be A8 series which would be recorded in the few remaining Austin ledgers. The “Heritage” records known to survive are for just four sequences of cars: March-June 1929; A8 series -Ch. 77535 – 87433 June-Dec 1929; A9 series – Ch. 87434 – 97332 April-Oct 1930; B1 series – Ch. 107228 – 117126 Jan-June 1931; B3 series – Ch. 127026 – 136924   Continue reading A fabric RF for auction


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