A very original RF (2) variant

Archived details and images from an old Car-From-UK advert online for an Austin 7 RF Fabric.

Reproduced here because of the value of the detail in these images (and the summary biographical description) for the restorer. I presume the carpets have been replaced to pattern but will update if more information arises. It would be wonderful if the originals still exist in storage.

A low 60,000s chassis number and June 1928 registration. Lucky owner!

“A very original 1928 Fabric Saloon with scuttle lamps. Bought in 1928 from Whites of Camberley by a Dr Twort as a second car and kept by his family until 1961 when his daughter traded it into Whites against a new car. It then stayed in their showroom and Beaulieu Motor Museum until about ten years ago when Whites closed down. Still has first buff log book.

It has its original fabric externally and all its original Rexine upholstery. The rear seat looking as if its never been used. The front seats have minimal wear.

Mechanically very sound. Engine and brakes have been rebuilt. The magneto has just been rebuilt as well. Drives very well. Taut, tight car.

It has all its original tools; the wrap; the tappet gauge; Jet key and mag spanner in their wallet and even the original trade mark cleaning mask. Remarkably also still has the original plywood cover over the battery. Has the Handbook, Parts List and Price Lists. Fitted with original after sales horn and wing petrol tank“.

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