Original RK detail at East Preston

A nice matching numbers car which is fortunate to appear in the extant Austin Production B1 ledger, confirming its blue colour and “sunshine” – the extra sunroof priced at five pounds. This is a Spring 1930 car.

Note the factory design for the light bracket – a single one then (and here upgraded with a legal lens) – and the interior mirror.

Also present a wonderful patinated RK with a body of very similar age to the blue car, and whilst it has been sensitively re-trimmed, it retains some of the original cloth trim around the seat frames and above the door. If you have similar (or other cloth interiors in RK or RF), please make contact, as we are trying to identify the original name of this and other material variants.

2 thoughts on “Original RK detail at East Preston

  1. Lovely! I am in touch with a friend in Germany who has found someone in the far east of Germany who is remaking fabrics popular in the 20’s & 30’s (he was looking for material to recover a settee) Apparently with a sample and an image of the pattern she can reproduce material really well. She has shown at the classic show in Essen & is keen to do more automotive stuff.
    I will get more information.

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