’29 RK – A first Seven VW 8841

Steve Berg’s first car, an RK saloon, is shown in the colour photo taken around 1958/59. She was named Modestine and her colour was originally maroon. He still has the bulb horn found in a breaker’s yard in Edgware.

The registration number was VW 8841 (no longer on the system) and the chassis number is not remembered. The ‘VW’ in the registration plate caused plenty of amusement in Germany.

I sold her to a friend in 1961. In hindsight it’s a shame I had no contact with him years later; I may have bought Modestine back – I bought my Nippy instead.

Three pictures below were taken in North Germany in 1958; in the car park of the Brussels Expo in 1958 together with a German-registered BMW Dixi we met there; and when camping at Waterbeach airfield at the National model aircraft competitions in, I think, 1957. Note the missing rear mudguard.

He also has a few photos from the time he owned Modestine up until the MOT tests started. The new owner didn’t have the knowledge and/or the inclination to put things right and unfortunately, Steve is pretty sure that Modestine was scrapped  – unless you know otherwise!


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